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Slate Roofing - One of the longest lasting and oldest roofing systems, slate is a natural product, mined in quarries and used in steep sloped roofing. Slate comes in many different colors and textures and for the most part, are natural in appearance. The systems, properly done, can last for many many years (in some instances up to and over 100 years). Slate roofing is one of the most costly systems on the market due to cost of material, labor to install and requirements needed in the structure to hold the weight. It is also one of the most beautiful systems available.

Copper Roofing - Copper roofing is made using copper sheets. These sheets (also used for wall applications) are fabricated into many different types of panels. These panels vary in sized and design to fit the aesthetic and performance needs of the home/building owner. They also vary in types of copper such as Pre-patina (treated to appear as weathered copper), zinc/tin coated copper, stainless steel coated and others.

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